AAAZ Meets with YUMA Mayor

AAAZ Meets With Yuma Mayor/City Leadership

President Chuck Mott, Vice President Roger Clark, and Executive Director Tony Trifiletti of All Aboard Arizona meet Yuma Leadership on April 24, 2019.

Attendees from Yuma included:

  • Greg LaVann, Economic Architect, Greater Yuma Economic Development Council;

  • Sheryl Hehe, Member Services Coordinator, Yuma County Chamber of Commerce;

  • Jeff Burt, Economic Development Administrator, City of Yuma;

  • Paul Ward, Executive Director, Yuma Metropolitan Planning Organization;

  • Leslie Fain, Office Manager, Visit Yuma;

  • Sarah Halligan, Communications Specialist, Yuma Crossing National Heritage Areas;

  • Lynne Pancrazi, Yuma County Board of Supervisors;

  • Mara Knaub, Reporter, Yuma Sun;

  • Gary Knight, Deputy Mayor, City of Yuma.

The meeting was fully attended and highly attentive. There was unqualified support for our three missions: a daily Sunset Limited, continuation of Amtrak’s western interstate trains and new equipment for them. The city has purchased the abandoned Hotel del Sol across the street from the train station and has applied for a BUILD grant to turn it into a multimodal transit center. The attendees will write letters of support and get in touch with Rep. Grijalva (D-3) and our two senators.

​Meeting with Mayor of Yuma

We met with Douglas Nicholls, and he is on board. I provided him (see following story) with an executive summary of our missions for his trip to Washington. He will get in touch with Arizona congressmen and Sen. McSally to gain her support.